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Can I file ITR for AY 2014 15 now?

Can I file ITR for AY 2014 15 now?

Here, it is important to understand that though as per the provisions of the Act, one has time of two years to file belated returns. For instance, for FY 2014-15, belated returns can be filed till March 31, 2017.

Can we file income tax return for the assessment year 2015 16?

Earlier, i.e. till Financial Year 2015-16, the taxpayer was allowed to file the Income-tax returns upto one year from the end of relevant assessment year. This means that for Financial Year 2015-16, the Income-tax return was allowed to be filed upto 31st March 2018.

Who can use ITR 2 form for filing returns?

ITR Form 2 is for Individuals and HUF receiving income other than income from “Profits and Gains from Business or Profession”. Thus persons having income from the following sources are eligible to file Form ITR 2: Income from Salary/Pension. Income from House Property(Income Can be from more than one house property)

How do I get a 2 year ITR?

Step 1: Go to the income tax India website at and log in. Step 2: Select the ‘e-File’>’Income Tax Returns’>’View Filed Returns’ option to see e-filed tax returns. Step 3: To download ITR-V click on the ‘Download Form’ button of the relevant assessment year. The ITR-V will be downloaded.

Can I file ITR for last 3 years?

No, you cannot file an ITR for the last three years together, that is, in one year. Before diving into this topic let us clarify the difference between a financial year and an assessment year.

Can I file ITR for last 3 years now?

Conclusion. It’s crystal clear that you cannot file an ITR for the last 3 years at once. If you want to file income tax returns for the financial year 2017-18, the last date for filing the belated ITR has already passed on 31 March 2019.

Can I file ITR for last 2 years now?

Individuals can file returns for the previous years. This can only be done for the two years preceding the current financial year for which the returns have to be filed. Taxpayers are provided a two year period during which returns can be filed.

What ITR-2?

Individuals having income from capital gains, more than one house property, foreign assets or income from foreign assets etc. in FY 2020-21 should use form ITR-2 to file their income tax returns.

Can a salaried person file ITR-2?

ITR-2 cannot be filed by any individual or HUF, whose total income for the year includes income from profit and gains from business or profession, and also who has income in the nature of: interest. salary.

When should we fill ITR 2 form?

Every year on or before 31st July is termed as the last date for filing ITR 2 (Non-audit cases).

Can I file ITR for last 5 years?