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Can I buy a 10/22 receiver?

Can I buy a 10/22 receiver?

BRN-22 Stripped Receiver by Brownells For those looking for a high-quality, 10/22 receiver, the search is over. This stripped-down receiver is an affordable option that works seamlessly with your Ruger 10/22 Rifle.

What are 10/22 receivers made of?

The receiver on a 10/22 LR is aluminum. They have used different treatments on the coloring, but it’s always been aluminum under the finish. The “stainless” in a 10/22 stainless, is the barrel.

Can you build 10 22?

Small Game Hunting: The 10/22 is a great small game rifle. Typically, you’ll want lightweight components for a hunting build. Long Range: yeah, you can build a 10/22 for long range shooting: long range for 22’s being between 100-400 yards.

Why is the 10/22 so popular?

Its popularity can most likely be attributed to its affordability, quality, reliability and lightweight, easy-to-handle ergonomics. While it was designed as a quality rimfire gun for adults, the combination of the aforementioned factors, paired with the near-nonexistent recoil impulse and ease of using .

How much is a custom Ruger 10 22?

The Ruger Custom Shop 10/22 (MSRP: $899, is available in three different configurations at the same price. Models 31120 and 31127 feature laminated sporter stocks, differing only in color. Each has an adjustable cheek rest, a 13.5-inch length-of-pull (LOP) and weighs 6 pounds.

Is a 10/22 worth it?

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown is a solid survival rifle that’s worth the money. To recap: Pros: Reliability – As long as you keep it clean, it will consistently feed through even some of the cheaper ammo without frequent jams.

How do I contact Ruger?

(336) 949-5200Sturm, Ruger & Co. / Customer service

What is a 10/22 action?

The 10/22 utilizes a blowback semi-auto action, and a 10-shot rotary magazine, both of which are legendary for reliability. The hammer-forged barrel locks into the receiver by a unique 2-screw, V-block system that provides unsurpassed accuracy for a mass-produced rimfire rifle.

What does a Ruger 1022 come with?

Comes with bipod. Shown with aftermarket Truglo multi-color reflexive dot scope and Ruger BX-25 extended magazine.