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Can doctors cure hep C?

Can doctors cure hep C?

Hepatitis C treatment involves 8–12 weeks of oral medication, which cures 90% of those with hepatitis C and produces few side effects.

Which doctor is best for hepatitis?

Hepatologist: A gastroenterologist with extensive training in liver disease is a hepatologist. These physicians are subspecialists with many years of training and are experts in all the diseases that affect the liver, especially hepatitis.

Can hep C be cured forever?

Hep C can be cured Years ago, hep C treatments took a long time and required injections. Today’s treatments are pills that can often be taken for 8-12 weeks and have high cure rates of 95% or greater.

What is the average cost of hep C treatment?

The cost of hep C treatment varies depending on the type of drug. However, an 8- to 12-week course can range from $54,000 to $95,000 (or higher). For example, the price of a 12-week course of Zepatier can be as much as $54,600, and a 12-week course of Harvoni can cost as much as $94,500.

What is the newest treatment for Hep C?

Recent advances in antiviral treatment have led to the development of new highly effective drugs for the treatment of all types of hepatitis C. The new hepatitis C treatments are sofosbuvir with ledipasvir (Harvoni); sofosbuvir (Sovaldi); daclatasvir (Daklinza); and ribavirin (Ibavyr).

Why did my doctor test for Hep C?

The purpose of hepatitis C testing is to determine if a person has been infected by the hepatitis C virus, to evaluate a current or past infection, and to guide a patient’s treatment. Hepatitis C is the most common form of viral hepatitis in the United States.

Will you always test positive for hep C?

If the test shows you have hepatitis C antibodies in your blood, this means you were infected with hepatitis C at some point in your life, but it does not always mean the virus is still active in your body. You can have a negative or a positive result for the antibodies test.

How can I get hep C treatment for free?

Patient assistance programs (PAPs) offer free hepatitis C drugs to lower-income people who are uninsured or underinsured, and who do not qualify for insurance programs such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Is hep C treatment covered by insurance?

Most health insurance plans require treatment for HCV to be medically necessary. Whether or not treatment is medically necessary depends on each plan’s coverage policy.