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Can back pain be a symptom of MS?

Can back pain be a symptom of MS?

Low back pain is very common in the general population, but even more so among people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

What part of your body hurts with MS?

Experts usually describe pain caused by MS as musculoskeletal, paroxysmal or chronic neurogenic. Musculoskeletal pain can be due to muscular weakness, spasticity and imbalance. It is most often seen in the hips, legs and arms and particularly when muscles, tendons and ligaments remain immobile for some time.

What does MS feel like in your spine?

When a damaged nerve “short circuits,” it can cause a sharp pain or a burning or squeezing sensation. A common pain in MS is what’s known as Lhermitte’s sign. “This occurs when there’s a lesion on the cervical spine, the neck area of the spinal cord,” says Dr. Scherz.

Where does your back hurt with MS?

Lhermitte’s sign is another common symptom of MS. It is a short, intense pain that runs from the back of the head down the spine and sometimes into the arms or legs. The pain tends to occur when a person bends their neck forward. A 2015 study notes that around 1 in 3 people with MS experience Lhermitte’s sign.

Can MS cause back and hip pain?

Tightness or stiffness of the muscles, called spasticity, is caused directly by MS. Spasticity, will alter walking and cause pulling on the joints. This can result in pain typically in the ankles, knees, hips and back.

Why is MS pain worse at night?

Spasticity is one of the most common MS symptoms, and often feels worse at night. This is because it can be aggravated by reduced movement, tight muscles and pain from other symptoms.

Does MS hurt all the time?

A lot of people with MS experience pain at some time. It varies from person to person and over time, but drug treatments and other therapies can help you cope. Pain can be associated with stiffness or spasms in muscles, or symptoms like Lhermitte’s sign, trigeminal neuralgia or optic neuritis.

When should you suspect multiple sclerosis?

People should consider the diagnosis of MS if they have one or more of these symptoms: vision loss in one or both eyes. acute paralysis in the legs or along one side of the body. acute numbness and tingling in a limb.

Is MS worse at night?

Do you gain weight with MS?

It’s also common for people with MS to gain weight due to their symptoms. It’s important to try and reach a moderate weight and maintain it. Being overweight or underweight can worsen MS symptoms.

What was your first MS symptom?

Here’s where MS (typically) starts Although a number of MS symptoms can appear early on, two stand out as occurring more often than others: Optic neuritis, or inflammation of the optic nerve, is usually the most common, Shoemaker says. You may experience eye pain, blurred vision and headache.

What causes Ms back pain?

There are two types of pain widely associated with MS back pain. The first is neuropathic pain, which is also referred to as nerve pain. The second type is referred to as musculoskeletal pain, which is caused by general muscle pain.

What are the symptoms of multiple sclerosis back pain?

On an average, people with MS rate Multiple Sclerosis back pain in between 4-6 on a scale of 10. This symptom can also be classed under pins and needles, burning sensation, stabbing pain, tightness (also referred to as the MS Hug), numbness and sharp tingling sensation.

How do doctors treat MS-related back pain?

To treat MS-related back pain, your doctor may recommend one or more of the following treatments: Your doctor will likely try to determine the root cause of your back pain before recommending specific medications.

Is there a link between depression and MS pain?

In addition to the physical challenges of MS recent research indicates that fatigue and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety are closely associated with significant pain in MS patients. 1