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Are there two versions of Evil Dead?

Are there two versions of Evil Dead?

The original trilogy includes The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992), all written and directed by Raimi, produced by Robert G. Tapert, and starring Campbell. The franchise has since expanded into other formats, including video games, comic books, a musical, and a television series.

What was the original title of The Evil Dead?

Book of the Dead
Sam Raimi originally wanted to title this film “Book of the Dead,” but producer Irvin Shapiro changed the title to “The Evil Dead” for fear that kids would be turned off seeing a movie with a literary reference.

Is there an uncut version of The Evil Dead?

Yes. There is (a longer version) but it’s not a director’s cut. Usually what I do, like most directors, is you do a first cut, look at it, and it’s usually too long.

Where can I watch the original Evil Dead?

The Evil Dead, a horror movie starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, and Betsy Baker is available to stream now. Watch it on Tubi – Free Movies & TV, Pluto TV – It’s Free TV, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, VUDU, Apple TV or Redbox.

Why does Ash have a chainsaw hand?

In an attempt to prevent the eventual “evil infection” from spreading further into his body, Ash cut the hand off at the wrist with a nearby chainsaw.

What’s the difference between Evil Dead and Evil Dead Unrated?

The site notes 27 major and minor differences between the “Unrated Edition” and the theatrical cut, and the additional gore scenes include extended shots of Mia’s tongue slice and Natalie’s self-inflicted arm removal; two of the more gruesome sequences in the film.

Is original Evil Dead on Netflix?

Given its popularity, folks have long asked Netflix to include the series on their streaming platform’s horror lineup, and it seems they’ve finally listened, as the original Evil Dead will be available on Netflix from January 10th, 2020. The film will join the Ash Vs.

What does Raimi stand for?


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RAIMI Regional Air Impact Modeling Initiative (US Environmental Protection Agency project)