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Are there any Horde quests in Duskwood?

Are there any Horde quests in Duskwood?

Contested territories are more about level than whether both factions have quest hubs there. Hillsbrad foothills is the same way with no Alliance quests. Ashenvale is the only zone in that level range where both factions share it.

How do I start Duskwood quests?

Phase 1 – quest collection Enter from Redridge Mountains. Get the Four-legged Menaces quest on your way to town. Check every building there and get every quest available. Set your hearthstone to the inn in Darkshire and get the griffin point.

What level can you go to Duskwood?

Duskwood is intended for level 10-30 Alliance players.

What level is Duskwood TBC?

Duskwood (Classic)

Level: 18-30
Major settlements Vul’Gol Ogre Mound (1,000) Raven Hill (20)
Affiliation Alliance
Location Central Azeroth

Is there a horde town in Duskwood?

Horde: From Grom’Gol in Stranglethorn Vale, follow the main road north across the bridge across the chasm and right into Duskwood.

What is in the middle of Duskwood?

Twilight Grove sits in the middle of Duskwood.

How many chapters is Duskwood?

If you’re unfamiliar with Duskwood, now is a great time to jump since there are five episodes to play through.

What happens in the game Duskwood?

Duskwood is a modern detective game in which the player is trying to crack a mysterious kidnapping case. With the help of a messenger and other multimedia content, such as voice messages, pictures and video chats, the player is on a quest to find the kidnapper. As a result, he becomes a target himself.

How many episodes are there in Duskwood?

Is Duskwood a real place?

Duskwood is the fictional town in which the game is set. It’s said to be about 500 miles from Colville. Surrounding it are deep luscious woods where both truth and legend hail.

How do I get to Duskwood TBC?

Getting there Horde:From Grom’Gol in Stranglethorn Vale, follow the main road north across the bridge across the chasm and into Duskwood. Alliance:From Three Corners in the Redridge Mountains, follow the road south across the bridge into Duskwood.

Why is Duskwood haunted?

The reason Duskwood now teems with the undead is because of the vile necromancer Morbent Fel. A night elf by the name of Velinde Starsong came to the woods carrying the Scythe of Elune. Hunted by Varkas, Velinde was killed and the Scythe of Elune was lost in Roland’s Doom.