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Are the Junkions Autobots?

Are the Junkions Autobots?

According to a secret file on Autobots, the Junkions are a “tribe of Autobots that dwells on the planet Junkion”, ostensibly cementing their place as Transformers.

Did the Quintessons created the Transformers?

In the original TV cartoon series, the Transformers were created by the “Quintessons,” an anything-but-attractive looking race of cold, merciless cybernetic beings with five faces.

Are Quintessons Cybertronian?

The rulers of the Quintesson Empire, the Quintessons were an ancient enemy of the Cybertronian race, having enslaved Cybertron and sold off its citizenry as property in ages past. The Scorponok remaining on the Nebulos space station referred to them as the “creators”.

Are Quintessons Transformers?

The Quintessons are a malevolent race of mechanical aliens that have appeared in various iterations of the Transformers Generation One continuity. They are devious and secretive, their history intertwining with that of Primus and Unicron, as well as the planet Cybertron and its inhabitants.

Did Quintessa create Optimus?

Quintessa is a mysterious and powerful space sorceress and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Megatron) of Transformers: The Last Knight. As the self-described “Prime of Life”, she created the Cybertronian Race, Optimus Prime, and the Infernocons and considers Cybertron to be hers to command.

Did Primus create Quintessons?

Quintus Prime is one of the Thirteen, who were created by Primus and the creator of the Quintessons, said to be the “Experimental Dreamer”.

Did the Quintessons create Unicron?

In the G1 cartoon, the Quintessons created the Transformers and an alien known as Primacron created Unicron.

Did the Quintessons or Primus create the Transformers?

In the G1 cartoon and movie, the Transformers are created by the Quintessons, another robot-like species. They created the Autobots as laborers and the Decepticons as their military.

Is Optimus related to Primus?

When Optimus Prime entered the Core to support life on Cybertron, Optimus was merged with Primus. Light shined on him as he went deeper into the Core. This allowed Primus to give life again and millions of sparks burst from the Well.

Why did the 12 Knights betray Quintessa?

Some time in the past, the twelve Knights rebelled against Quintessa, whom they knew as a deceiver. Stealing her control staff, they set out aboard a ship into space in hopes of finding worthy allies on another world.