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Are Takahashi telescopes good?

Are Takahashi telescopes good?

For imaging, they make legendary telescopes. The TOA and FSQ scopes are some of the best imaging refractors ever made. The TOA is also one of the better visual instruments. Most folks consider its color correction to be difficult to beat, if not best in class.

Which telescopes are made in Japan?


  • StellaMira.
  • Ursa Major.
  • Askar Telescopes.
  • Bresser Telescopes.
  • iOptron Telescopes.
  • Meade Telescopes.
  • PlaneWave Telescopes.
  • Where is Takahashi made?

    All Takahashi telescopes and mounts are made in Japan using traditional manufacturing methods, such as sand casting, with nearly all parts made in-house.

    Who makes Vixen telescopes?

    Company Seven has been acquainted with Vixen products since 1984 when we opened our original store in Laurel, Maryland. Then, Vixen was distributed by Celestron International, then based in California but since acquired by a Chinese optical company.

    What does Takahashi mean in Japanese?

    high bridge
    Takahashi (高橋, lit. “high bridge”) is the third most common Japanese surname.

    Where are skywatchers telescopes made?

    The products are manufactured at Synta Taiwan’s Suzhou Synta Optical Technology Co., Ltd. in Suzhou (Jiangsu), China. The brand is distributed in Canada and Europe and, in the late 2000s, extended to the USA market.

    Are Vixen telescopes made in Japan?

    Vixen is a Japanese based manufacturer, distributor and exporter of telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, and accessories geared for a clientele that spans from novice to the advanced amateur.

    Is Vixen Optics still in business?

    I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but today Explore Scientific announced that it is the new distributor of Vixen Optics in the Americas. It’s been a few months since Vixen had a distributor in the US, and this is welcome news for fans of Vixen’s telescopes, eyepieces, mounts, and other products.

    What is the history of the Takahashi telescope?

    Takahashi – A History of Innovation. Takahashi began manufacturing telescopes in 1967 with their first model, theTS-65.The TS80 built in April of 1972 was the first triplet apochromat Takahashi telescope built. Then in 1973they produced their first equatorial mount with a polar telescope.

    Is the Takahashi fsq-85edp the same as the FSQ-85edx?

    This is the same telescope is the FSQ-85EDX, but includes the 1.01X flattener as part of the standard telescope assembly. This is the same unit designated as FSQ-85EDP in Japan. In this doublet design, Takahashi has paired the fluorite element with a low dispersion glass having a high refractive index.

    What is Takahashi fc-100dz refractor?

    Takahashi FC-100DZ Fluorite Refractor In this doublet design, Takahashi has paired the fluorite element with a low dispersion glass having a high refractive index.