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Are suspension seat post any good?

Are suspension seat post any good?

A suspension seatpost is a great comfort upgrade, as it will both absorb bigger hits, as well as dampen vibrations coming up from the road. This essentially means you’ll feel fresher at the end of a long ride. For anything slow and off-road, you cannot beat a spring-damped seatpost.

What is the difference between a Thudbuster ST and LT?

The Thudbuster LT comes with a Medium elastomer pre-installed with different weight elastomers available for purchase separately. The Thudbuster ST comes with a Medium elastomer Pre-installed and a Soft and Firm Elastomer included in the box–Extra Soft and Extra Firm elastomers can be purchased separately.

What is a suspension seatpost?

A suspension seatpost will greatly increase the amount your seatpost can flex. This reduces the transfer of high-frequency road vibrations from your bike to your body and dampens the impacts of big hits from the road (such as bumps and potholes). The result is a smoother ride and (sometimes) less physical fatigue.

What is a thud buster?

As a bump lifts the back of a bicycle, the rear wheel pushes up and forward into the rider. The Thudbuster works by compressing along the exact opposite path — down and rearward — absorbing force at the same rate.

Is a suspension seatpost worth it road bike?

The advantage of a suspension seatpost is that it will help absorb big hits and other impacts from the ground below, allowing you to pedal through bumps while also reducing the fatigue on your body. Suspension seatposts have been measured to be multiple times more effective than any rigid seatpost.

Are bike suspension seats worth it?

Suspension on the wheels helps them stay on the ground over rough terrain, which a suspension seatpost will not do. Any extra “comfort” is simply a side benefit. If you’re looking to smooth out your ride, the #1 thing you can do is lower your tire pressure.

How do I choose a seatpost suspension?

Buyers guide

  1. Max and min rider weight. Suspension seat posts offer a differing level of resistance and rebound.
  2. Make sure the Seatpost will fit your frame. The best suspension seat posts will offer you a choice, so you should be able to get the perfect fit.
  3. How far do you need to travel?

Do shock absorbing seat posts work?

Suspension seatposts provide a cost-effective way to smooth out the shocks and bumps in the road or track, without the need to buy a 2nd (3rd/4th) bicycle. Big tires offer a lot of cushions, but due to their large surface area can seriously slow you down on the roads.

Is a dropper post worth it?

It’s a pity, because using a dropper seatpost enhances your riding. Actually, it does more than enhance, it noticeably changes the way you ride. A dropper seatpost, used properly, gives you more confidence, more manoeuvrability, more control, more traction and, obviously, more speed.