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Are student dependents exempt from council tax?

Are student dependents exempt from council tax?

Students living in student halls of residence are not liable to pay council tax.

Do students have to pay council tax?

Your property is ‘exempt’ from council tax if it’s only occupied by full-time university or college students. Student halls of residence are automatically exempt. If your property isn’t exempt, some people, including full-time students, are ‘disregarded’.

Who is exempt from paying council tax UK?

People who are disregarded include: full-time students, student nurses, apprentices and youth training trainees. people caring for someone with a disability, who is not a partner, or child under 18. patients living in hospitals, care homes, certain hostels or night shelters. people who have a severe mental impairment.

Do Dependants of Tier 4 students pay council tax?

Only those aged 18 or over may be liable for council tax – therefore if your children have entered the UK on a dependent’s tier 4 visa, they will not be liable for council tax.

What is a full time student for council tax purposes?

You’re classed as a full time student for Council Tax purposes if you’re: enrolled at a college, university or similar, and your course lasts for at least one full academic year, which involves at least 24 study weeks in each year, with an average of 21 hours of study a week

Will I get a council tax bill if I’m not a student?

You’ll get a Council Tax bill if there’s someone in your household who’s not a full-time student, but your household might still qualify for a discount.

Can I get a discount or exemption on my council tax?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to pay less for your Council Tax or your property may be exempt. If you apply for a discount or exemption, you must continue to make the payments shown on your Council Tax bill until you are advised whether your application has been successful and you have received a revised bill.

Who can apply for a student discount/exemption?

You can only apply for a student discount/exemption if: you’re the liable person for Council Tax purposes; and you’re a full time student, or the property you live in is occupied by one or more students, school or college leavers. If two or more people living in the property are not qualifying students, no reduction is allowed