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Are Rotary Lifts made in the USA?

Are Rotary Lifts made in the USA?

“For more than 90 years, Rotary Lift has proudly built the world’s most trusted vehicle lifts here in the American heartland,” says Kirk Dawson, vice president of lifting equipment.

What are the three types of automotive lifts?

By far the most common auto lifts from each category are four-post lifts (wheel engaging) and two-post lifts (frame engaging). Less common car lifts are known as specialty lifts and include scissor lifts, portable lifts, mobile column lifts, in-ground lifts and parking lifts.

Where are rotary 2 post lifts made?

Madison Indiana
We sell the world’s most trusted lift: Rotary Lift. Our designs are backed up with more than 85 years of engineering experience… tested beyond industry standards…and are from our 200,000 square foot factory in Madison Indiana.

What brand of car lifts are made in USA?

Mohawk Lifts are proudly 100% designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A. At Mohawk, we stand behind the “Made in the USA” label that we put on our automotive garage lifts.

Which type of car lift is best?

Comparison of the best car lifts for home garages

Brand Lift Type
Best car lift overall/Best four-post car lift Triumph Four-post
Best car lift for the money/Best portable car lift QuickJack Portable
Best heavy-duty car lift APlusLift Two-post
Best two-post car lift Triumph Two-post

What kind of lifts do mechanics use?

Until the 1980s, most vehicle lifts were of the in-ground type. Today, surface mounted lifts are the most widely used. Surface mounted lifts are typically bolted to the garage floor and powered by an electric motor which operates either a hydraulic pump or a screw type drive.

How thick should a slab be for a car lift?

4 inches
The recommended thickness for a car lift concrete slab is 4 inches minimum for most two-post lifts and four-post lifts. Additional thickness may be required for specific applications or different car hoist models.

How high should a garage ceiling be for a car lift?

If you want to install a typical 2-post or 4-post lift in your garage, you need a ceiling that’s higher than 11 feet. While you can get a 2- or 4-post lift that works with a lower ceiling, almost all these lifts are not ANSI certified.

Who is Rotary Lift?

Rotary Lift the originator of the hydraulic lift, is the industry leader in the car lift business. Car lifts were an idea born from our founder, Peter Lunati, to improve the everyday life for each repairman. Rotary Lift® has been the leader and innovator in the auto lift business for over 95 years.

Why do you need rotary car lifts?

That’s why you need Rotary car lifts. Whether you’re making extensive repairs or performing routine maintenance, our auto lifts are precision-engineered and manufactured to last—and that provides long-lasting performance. Our business was built on car lifts, so we understand that car lifts have the power to make or break your business, too.

What makes rotary lifts different?

It’s 90 years of experience and an obsession for quality that sets Rotary Lift apart from the rest. By having the best, brightest and hardest working people in the industry, Rotary lifts have set the standard for quality, ingenuity and value for anyone who owns or works in a light- or heavy-duty vehicle repair shop.

What is the capacities of a Rotary Lift?

“Capacities range from 10,000 to 18,000 lbs.” Rotary Lift two-post lifts have been third-party tested by ETL and ALI certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards. This opens in a new window.