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Are Remus exhausts any good?

Are Remus exhausts any good?

As you saw above the review score was 8.7 out of 10, so it’s definitely performing above expectations according to owners and users of Remus Exhaust.

Are Remus exhausts loud?

Remus sport really isn’t that much louder than stock except under load at higher RPMs. It’s a good-sounding mild no drone exhaust. It’s also eliminates the “hang” of the stock mufflers and the tips and cans look much better. But don’t expect loud–that is not characteristic of this exhaust.

Are Remus exhausts stainless steel?

Remus is one of Europe’s most popular exhaust brands and Vanstyle are delighted to offer you one of their products for the VW T5. Manufactured using high quality stainless steel, these exhausts are built to last.

How do I remove Remus baffle?

You should only have to remove the retaining screw, which you have already done, then use pliers or channel-locks or similar to firmly grab the circular outlet, then firmly wiggle and pull and the baffle should come out.

Where is Remus exhaust made?

We stock all of the top brands Each Remus back box and cat back exhaust system is tested in a purpose-built facility at the brand’s HQ in Austria to ensure that they meet the high internal expectations as well as those of the customers around the world who continue to invest in high performance Remus exhaust systems.

Who is Remus?

Remus and his twin brother Romulus were the founders of Rome in Roman mythology. Their mother was Rhea Silvia, daughter of the king of Alba Longa, Numitor, and their father was Mars, the Roman god of war and equivalent of the Greek god Ares.

What is EC approved exhaust?

For car exhaust systems: Means that such product is compliant with the requirements of the United Nations Regulation ECE-R59 on Uniform provisions concerning the approval of replacement silencing systems.

What happened to Remus?

In Livy’s version, Remus simply died after jumping over Romulus’ wall, which is thought to be a sign from the gods of Rome’s power and fate. According to St. Jerome, Remus was killed for his mockery by one of Romulus’ supporters, either Fabius or Celer, who killed Remus by throwing a spade at his head.

What did Remus do?

When Romulus built a city wall, Remus jumped over it and was killed by his brother. Romulus consolidated his power, and the city was named for him. He increased its population by offering asylum to fugitives and exiles. He invited the neighbouring Sabines to a festival and abducted their women.

Does exhaust need to be EC approved?

Should you fit an aftermarket exhaust, it must carry the EC Directive or British Standards markings, which confirms the exhaust complies with the necessary regulations. What is this? If an exhaust carries the markings’ Race Use Only’ or ‘Not for Road Use’, it is an illegal road system, and the police can prosecute you.

What is a homologated exhaust?

The Homologation of the different exhaust systems parts (silencers and catalytic converters) is a process of comparison between the Original Equipment part, and the part that we want to homologate for the Aftermarket.

What does Remus mean in English?

Remus’ name may have originally meant “twin”, from Old Latin *jemos (“twin”), from Proto-Indo-European *yémHos (“twin”). Cognate with Sanskrit यम (yáma, “twin”), and related to Old Norse Ymir and Latin geminus. The initial r- was probably introduced to make the name sound more like Romulus.