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Are Prior Snowboards good?

Are Prior Snowboards good?

Prior is an award winning Canadian snowboard manufacturer out of Whistler, BC. For nearly three decades they’ve been making exceptional, hand crafted, premium quality Canadian snowboards and skis.

What is the point of split snowboards?

Splitboard: A splitboard is a snowboard that has been split in half down the middle (lengthwise) so that each half can be used independently like a ski to tour uphill. A factory splitboard will have metal edges on all sides to improve edge hold while touring and integrated climbing skin attachments.

What is the difference between a split board and snowboard?

When it comes to materials, splitboards are similar to snowboards in the way they are designed and constructed. The main difference is a splitboard will have an additional metal edge (down the center of the board) for extra grip in ski mode. Otherwise, you’ll notice more holes and clips that we will explain below.

Can you snowboard with a splitboard?

The key benefit of a splitboard for snowboarders is that while it might be a bit less efficient than a high end ski touring set up, it means you get to go snowboarding in the back country more easily and not have to learn how to ski!

Are split boards worth it?

Yes, a splitboard with climbing skins and the rest of the equipment is a bit more expensive than your regular board, but it’s an investment worth making if you’re serious about the backcountry.

Can you ski downhill on splitboard?

Can I downhill ski with my splitboard? No. While you can throw some mellow tele turns while touring and safely slide down easy rolling terrain, splitboard bindings while in tour mode are not designed for the stress of downhill skiing at speed and the one-sided sidecut isn’t designed for turning.

Can you downhill ski with a splitboard?

Is splitboarding harder than skiing?

Wrapping up. Taking all factors into account splitboards are generally a little slower than skis when moving around in the backcountry. But if the snow conditions are good with lots of powder then this difference in speed is less, and you will be able to catch up on the way down!

Can I use mountaineering boots for splitboarding?

There are a few options for boots. Firstly, you can use mountaineering or at boots and use a step in type binding with your splitboard. This gives good climbing and pretty good riding, though not the same as a soft boot, less surfy.