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Are Precious Moments collections worth anything?

Are Precious Moments collections worth anything?

If you have a Precious Moments figurine sitting in your house, take note: It could be worth some serious cash today. According to Today, the Precious Moments figurines from the “Original 21” collection that was released in 1979 are considered vintage collectibles and could be worth up to $750.

What is the most valuable Precious Moments figurine?

As for “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver,” it became the most valuable figurine from the original collection with an estimated worth of $1,300 at its height.

Are Precious Moments worth anything without the box?

Although not a big factor in value, expect to lose between 5% and 20% of the value of a Precious Moments figurine if you are missing the original box. Note that box condition is less important than figurine condition.

Where is the best place to sell Precious Moments figurines?

Search auction websites like eBay for the same retired figurines and examine the amount of activity for those figurines, including the final sale prices. Some intermediary companies will buy Precious Moments figurines from you directly, with the aim of selling it on, as long as the item is in good condition.

How do I know if my figurines are valuable?

Beyond that, the rarity, age and quality of a figurine will also work together to determine its value. Chips, cracks, faded or rubbed away paint, and crazing can all lower the value of any ceramics, including figurines. Of course, if it speaks to you, then its value is whatever you think it’s worth.

Which Snowbabies are worth the most money?

10 Rarest and Most Valuable Snow Babies

  • Antique German Snow Baby Sits or Stands Large. Year: 1932.
  • 1996 Dept 56 Snow Baby.
  • Large Santa Germany Snow Baby.
  • Snow Baby “Send A Message” Angel.
  • Elf Hides Antique German Bisque Snow Baby.
  • Rare Hertwig Santa Sleigh Snow Baby.
  • VTG Japan Christmas Snow Baby.
  • Germany Tiny Snow Baby.

Why are Precious Moments so expensive?

What’s The Appeal? Part of what makes the Precious Moments figurines worth so much money is that only one of the “Original 21” figurines is still available for purchase. (You can learn more about all of the Original 21 figures here.)

Is Sam Butcher still alive?

Samuel “Sam” John Butcher (born January 1, 1939) is an American artist….

Sam Butcher
Children Jon Butcher Tammy Bearinger Deborah Butcher Phillip Butcher (deceased) Timothy Butcher (deceased) Donald Butcher Heather Butcher

How much can I sell Precious Moments for?

Originally $15, the piece can be found on Ebay for as much as $250. If you happen to have an entire collection of Precious Moments statues in your home, they could even go for thousands of dollars.

Are retired Snowbabies worth anything?

A new Snow baby is released each year and then retired after some time, as with many other collectible figurine types. Original Snow babies were given away as valuable retirement gifts and can often fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars. On the other hand, Retired Snow babies are usually worth only a few dollars.

Are my Snowbabies worth anything?

Those adorable one-and-three-quarter inch figures sold for 90 cents a dozen back then. They often bring $50 to $100 each now, depending on their pose, and collectors have noted that they’re getting harder and harder to find.