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Are old Turkish lira worth anything?

Are old Turkish lira worth anything?

After December 31, 2016, old TL notes and coins will no longer be legal tender (ie, official currency). In other words, they will be worthless except for their curiosity or collectors’ value.

Is a 1970 Turkish lira worth anything?

The inflation rate in Turkey between 1970 and today has been 548,602,034.02%, which translates into a total increase of ₺548,602,034.02. This means that 100 lira in 1970 are equivalent to 548,602,134.02 lira in 2022.

Can you still cash in lira?

On 28 February 2002, banknotes and coins in lire ceased to be legal tender.

How can I tell if a Turkish Lira is real?

The reverse side of a genuine banknote contains an iridescent stripe imprint which contains the denomination numeral and the letters ”TL”. This iridescent imprint reflects in a translucent yellow color. Counterfeit banknotes attempt to produce a close imitation of the original imprint.

Where can I convert Turkish Lira?

The easiest way to get cash liras is to stick your home bank card or credit card into a Turkish ATM (bancomat/cashpoint, cash machine). You can exchange foreign-currency cash at a Currency Exchange Office (Döviz Bürosu).

What was the Turkish lira rate in 2021?

Average exchange rate in 2021: 12.2048 TRY.

Do I need a visa for Turkey from UK 2022?

Are you going on a holiday or business trip to Turkey in 2022 or 2023? All tourist and business travellers must apply for a Turkey visa in advance, unless they are travelling with a European passport or European identity card. The visa requirement applies to travellers with both British and Irish nationality.

How much is 100 in Turkish lira to the pound?

4.87293 GBP
Are you overpaying your bank?

Conversion rates Turkish Lira / British Pound Sterling
10 TRY 0.48729 GBP
20 TRY 0.97459 GBP
50 TRY 2.43647 GBP
100 TRY 4.87293 GBP

What do you do with old Italian Lira?

B. C. replies: Most pre-euro currencies can still be exchanged for euros, but only at the central bank in the countries concerned. Lira notes ceased to be legal tender in February 2002. Any that were in circulation can be exchanged for the equivalent value in euros at the Banca D’Italia until February 29, 2012.