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Are NT05 good tires?

Are NT05 good tires?

Conclusion: The Nitto NT05 is a great tire in dry conditions, even when pushed to the limit. This tire is a lot of fun to drive, and provides crisp steering response for those who like drive hard, but maintain precise control. If you are looking for a high performance summer tire the NT05 is a great bargain.

Are Nitto NT05 good in rain?

Rain and NT-05’s is not a great combo, but they do ok in the rain, you have to be careful and too much water on the road is kind of scary ride, gotta go slower than on other tires…. There ok in the rain, just dont do anything crazy and you’ll be fine. Nt05 is fine in rain.

Are Nitto 555r drag radials?

Get a jump on the competition with a set of Nitto NT555R Drag Radial tires. Designed with a unique reinforced package for stability at top speeds, this semi-radial tire is meant for improved launch and straight line performance on the track.

What is the speed rating on Nitto NT05?

The Nitto NT05 has a Z speed rating (186 mph).

Can you drive drag radials on the street?

Some are designed to barely meet the DOT standards and are not for street use (Hoosier), but tires like the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials are safe for street use, as long as the pavement is dry.

Is Nitto nt555 g2 A Drag radial?

D.O.T.-Compliant & Ready for Competition And with a 100 treadwear rating (UTQG), a rating that outperforms the NT05R (00), the NT555RII is a drag radial with considerable tread longevity built into it. It may even last 10,000 miles or more, just as the NT555R tends to do.

Is Nitto nt05 a drag radial?

The Nitto NT05R is a competition drag radial tire made for champions like you. Equipped with its specialized race compound and large contact patch, you can show your rivals who really rules the road.

What is the stickiest drag radial?

Nicky Thompson ET street R’s are without a doubt the stickiest drag radials you can buy. Full weight, 9 second grocery getter.

What is a drag radial?

Drag radials were created to address each and every one of these issues. Their steel-belted construction is considerably stronger than the crisscrossed nylon cords of a bias-ply, features a sidewall that doesn’t deform nearly as much under load, and resists high speed heat.

Are Nitto drag radials any good?

Overall the Nitto NT555R Extreme drag radial is one of the best designed drag radials for both comfort on the street and consistent grip at the drag strip. For the cost it’s hard to beat the performance of the 555R both on and off the track.

Is the nt05 a drag radial?

The Nitto NT05R™ Competition Drag Radial Tires are designed for serious drag racing enthusiasts that require a D.O.T. compliant competition drag radial. They are recommended for dry competition use only.