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Are Lucius and Voldemort related?

Are Lucius and Voldemort related?

Lucius Malfoy wasn’t just Draco’s father and one of Voldemort’s most devoted servants. He had many other mysterious and interesting qualities. Lucius Malfoy not only has the pleasure of being the father of Harry’s greatest rival, but he was also one of Lord Voldemort’s most devoted servants.

What was Lucius Malfoy’s mistake?

Lucius was imprisoned in Azkaban and, even after he is free, was treated as a disgrace and a failure by Voldemort and the other Death Eaters. In summary, Lucius is on Voldemort’s bad side because: he failed to obtain the prophecy for Voldemort. he exposed the secret of Voldemort’s return.

Is Lucius Malfoy an only child?

Lucius was only child* (his mother died in his childhood probably) there’s no mention of Lucius having uncles and aunts that mean his father, Abraxas was an only child too. Draco was an only child. Narciss’s own mother had three children.

Is Lucius Malfoy evil?

Lucius Malfoy was an odious character. He was slimy, sneaky, vain and cruel – to name a few of his most… charming behaviours. However, one of the most infuriating things about him was how his personality reinforced the idea that Slytherin is an evil house, which isn’t true.

Are Lucius and Pandora related?

” — Lucius Malfoy speaks of his sister, Mistral. Mistral Fontayne (née Malfoy) aka Pandora Lovegood (née Wesia) was a pureblooded witch and the youngest child of Abraxus Malfoy, wife to Mardon Fontayne V and mother to Vesta Malfoy, Mardon Fontayne VI, Tempest and Luna Lovegood.

Why didnt Voldemort like Lucius?

The main reason is that Lucius failed to retrieve the prophecy from the Ministry of Magic, put that on top of all the other times Lucius failed, and it leads to him losing any clout he once carried within the Death Eaters.

Does Draco have a sister?

Alyssienna Symphonia Rowena Narcissa “Allie” Malfoy is the second child and only daughter of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and the AquaMagenta twin sister of Draco Malfoy.

Did people know Lucius Malfoy was a Death Eater?

Arthur Weasley suspected that Lucius did actually support the Dark Lord, and it’s very likely Dumbledore did too. From his notes in “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”, Dumbledore may have suspected Lucius was a Death Eater even before the Chamber was opened.

Why was Voldemort mad at Lucius?

After the events in the Department of Mysteries, Voldemort mainly blamed Lucius for the failure. He blamed Lucius because Lucius had been the commander of Voldemort’s small task force, even though Dumbledore himself had entered the fray.

Who is Luna Lovegood’s daughter?

Lorcan Scamander
Lysander Scamander
Luna Lovegood/Children

How is Luna related to Draco?

I truly believe Luna and Draco are cousins. Luna’s mother has to be Lucius’ sister, in my eyes. Hagrid said all Purebloods are related one way or another, and I think he’s right. Movie Luna and Draco look so much alike, they just have to be family.