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Are LORAN stations still active?

Are LORAN stations still active?

Effective 2000 UTC 8 February 2010, the United States Coast Guard terminated all operation and broadcast of LORAN-C signals in the United States. The United States Coast Guard transmission of the Russian American CHAYKA signal was terminated on 1 August 2010.

Is LORAN still used in aviation?

In the main, the LORAN system was decommissioned in 2010 but some components of the system have been kept in service as a backup to the Global Positioning System (GPS).

How accurate was LORAN A?

Known as Skywave-Synchronized LORAN, or SS LORAN, the system provided coverage anywhere south of Scotland and as far east as Poland with an average accuracy of one mile. The system was used operationally in October 1944, and by 1945 it was universally installed in No.

What are LORAN charts?

A special navigational chart upon which are printed the Loran lines of position. Two or more different sets of lines of position are included so that fixes may be obtained.

Is LORAN coming back?

LORAN survived nearly 60 years before it was finally declared obsolete by the United States government. However, this low frequency hyperbolic radio navigation system may be set to make a come-back in the near future.

What is the difference between LORAN and Loran-C?

What are the basic differences between Loran-A and Loran-C? Loran-A was developed during World War 11. Loran-C is an improved version dating back to the late 1950’s. Loran-C uses a lower frequency, 100 kHz (kHz = kiloHertz = kilocycles/second = thousand cycles per second), compared with 1850 to 1950 kHz for Loran-A.

What is the difference between LORAN and GPS?

GPS, Global Positioning System, is a space satellite based navigation system, in contrary to LORAN and RNAV which are terrestrial / Earth based. It provides highly accurate time, positioning and speed information to its virtually unlimited users.


LORAN-C was a ground-based navigation system operated by the U.S. Coast Guard. In May 2009, President Obama declared the system obsolete and announced plans to terminate it. That year, Congress debated whether to retain and upgrade the LORAN-C infrastructure to become E-LORAN, a national backup to GPS.

What does LORAN stand for?

long-range navigation
loran, abbreviation of long-range navigation, land-based system of radio navigation, first developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during World War II for military ships and aircraft located within 600 miles (about 970 km) of the American coast.

What is the difference between Loran and Loran-C?

What are Loran-C lines on a chart identified by?

Loran C lines are numbers and colored lines printed on charts, that represent time difference between land station towers, which broadcast time spaced signals. Before the magic of GPS, Loran was the only reliable electronic navigation system.

What is the difference between Loran-C and eLoran?

The principal difference between eLoran and traditional Loran-C is the addition of a data channel in the transmitted signal. This conveys application-specific corrections, warnings, and signal integrity information to the user’s receiver.