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Are Kyrie 2s good?

Are Kyrie 2s good?

The Nike Kyrie 2 best suits light, quick, and agile guards, just like Kyrie Irving. The shoe’s rounded outsole, excellent traction, and low-to-the-ground cushioning are all engineered to compliment Kyrie’s movements on the court. Overall, the Nike Kyrie 2 is a solid basketball shoe for that specific type of player.

When did Kyrie 2 come out?

December 9th, 2015
The Nike Kyrie 2 is Kyrie Irving’s second signature basketball shoe. It released on NIKEiD December 9th, 2015 for $165. The “Effect” colorway debuted on December 15th, 2015 for $120. Like the Kyrie 1, the shoe is designed by Leo Chang and features Hyperfuse Construction.

Does Kyrie 2 run small?

Like I mentioned before, from midfoot back, the upper on the Kyrie 2 is made of a well-padded mesh material which provides comfort, flexibility and most importantly, a snug fit. The Nike Kyrie 2 fits true to size in my opinion.

What does EP mean in Kyrie shoes?

Engineered Performance
Ep stands for Engineered Performance. Built with high-durability rubber for extensive outdoor play.

Are Kyrie 2 comfortable?

Expert Reviews of the Nike Kyrie Low 2: A supportive low-top, with great traction and good cushioning – it’s all I ever wanted! For only $110, get them! This is probably the best Kyrie model out there right now. The only thing that should have been better, is the stiff and uncomfortable cushioning.

What does Kyrie low 2 weigh?

Facts / Specs

Weight: 12oz
Top: Low
Signature: Kyrie Irving
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Kyrie

When did Kyrie 3 release?

Dec. 2016
The Nike Kyrie 3, Kyrie Irving’s third signature performance basketball shoe, made its debut in Dec. 2016.

What does GS stand for shoes?

Grade School
Grade School or GS refers to the reengineered sizes of popular sneaker silhouettes. Built of a smaller and narrower construction, Grade School models are specifically designed to fit a foot smaller than the average male, offering the perfect fit for girls and adolescents.

Does Kyrie 2 have zoom?

This time around Nike put the Zoom in the heel but you can barely feel it (again). Cushioning in the heel is so lackluster that the Zoom Crusader feel fantastic compared to these. I found these cut aways of the Kyrie 2 . You can really see how much Phylon you’re getting .

How do Kyrie 2 lows fit?

Width of the Nike Kyrie Low 2: Runs slightly snug. The fit is a little narrow so if you have wide feet go up half a size. It’s a very tight fit! A little bit narrow in the forefoot, but even as a slightly wide-footer I had no problem going true to size.

What does GS mean in shoes?