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Are Ford 9N tractors good?

Are Ford 9N tractors good?

8n and 9n Ford tractors are very dependable machines and you can still find a lot of replacement parts despite being more than half a century old. But overall, the 8n is the better option when considering between the two.

What years were Ford 9N tractors made?

The Ford N-series tractors were a line of farm tractors produced by Ford between 1939 and 1952, spanning the 9N, 2N, and 8N models. The 9N was the first American-made production-model tractor to incorporate Harry Ferguson’s three-point hitch system, a design still used on most modern tractors today.

What horsepower is a Ford 9N tractor?

Ford 9N

Ford 9N Power
Drawbar (claimed): 12.68 hp 9.5 kW
Belt (claimed): 20.29 hp 15.1 kW
Plows: 2 (14-inch)
Drawbar (tested): 16.31 hp 12.2 kW

Does Ford still build farm tractors?

Unfortunately, the Ford Motor Company doesn’t make tractors anymore. They were manufacturing their popular tractors under the name Fordson, Ford, and Ford-New Holland, in that chronological order. You can still buy a used Ford tractor though.

Does a Ford 9N have a live PTO?

neather the 9N nor the 8N have LIVE PTO. sometimes called 2-stage clutch, 1st stage for tranny shifting and 2nd stage to engage/disengage PTO. Sometimes the Live PTO is clutched by a handlever.

What is the difference between a 2N and a 9N Ford tractor?

Tubular radius arms indicate a 2N produced after mid-1944. All N-series tractors built prior to 1944 (every 9N and some 2Ns) had I-beam radius arms. However, 2Ns with I-beam radius arms are rather rare, so chances are good that any tractor with I-beam arms is a 9N.

How much did a Ford 9N tractor cost new?

Even more impressive was the tractor’s price. When introduced in October 1939, the now-named Ford-Ferguson 9N sold for a mere $585, easily a quarter less than the cost of a competing tractor.

Does 9N have live PTO?

Did New Holland buy Ford tractors?

The original New Holland Machine Company was founded in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania; it was acquired by Sperry Corporation in 1947, then by Ford Motor Company in 1986, and then by FiatAgri in 1991, becoming a full-line producer….New Holland Agriculture.

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Is Ford and New Holland tractors the same?

Ford and Sperry New Holland merged in 1986, and that company was acquired by Fiat in 1991.

Is a Ford 8N worth buying?

What you DO get in the Ford 8N is rugged reliability at a low price. There are plenty of small chores around the farm for which the Ford 8N is perfect. The three-point hitch makes it a versatile tool. I use one frequently for blading the driveway, brush hogging, and pulling a wagon to and from the woodpile.

What was the first Ford tractor with live PTO?

Subject: RE: Which of the Ford Tractors was the first with live PTO? The *00 series that came out in ’55 was the first. The *60 models in this series were the live PTO models.