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Are CUNY libraries open?

Are CUNY libraries open?

CUNY Libraries are now open! CUNY Libraries are open for quiet study, computers and wifi, materials pickup, and more.

What is the GPA requirement for Kingsborough?

There is no specific GPA required for admission. KCC does not require any standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT. Transfer applicants will be accepted if they have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Is Kingsborough college free?

Students are also advised to contact College Now at Kingsborough for assistance. How much does the College Now program cost? The program is completely free of charge. Students do not pay any tuition, textbook, material/fees, etc.

What is Kingsborough acceptance rate?

approximately 50%
The admission acceptance rate is approximately 50%. In other words, if applicants were placed in groups of ten, about five students in each would be accepted. What percentage of students admitted to advanced courses actually graduate? The PTA program at Kingsborough is rigorous.

Can I go to any CUNY library?

Which CUNY libraries can I use? With your CUNY ID, you can walk into any* CUNY library and use their print and e-resources on site. (There are a few exceptions—some libraries have licenses to databases that only allow use for their own students; these are a small exception, though, and not the rule.)

Can SUNY students use CUNY library?

SUNY Empire State College currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty can borrow books and use other resources at the libraries at SUNY and New York state community colleges through the Open Access Policy. The college has a similar arrangement with CUNY libraries.

How long is Kingsborough nursing program?

A.At least 65% of graduates will have completed the Clinical Component of the program within 6 semesters (3 years) of beginning Clinical Nursing courses.

What is Kingsborough Community College known for?

We offer over 50 academic programs of study including Liberal Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, Nursing, and majors you won’t find anywhere else in CUNY like our Maritime Technology program, and our Polysomnographic (Sleep) Technology program, which studies sleep-related disorders.

How much is Kingsborough a semester?


FULL-TIME (12-18 Credits/equated credits) $2,400 per semester $320 per credit
PART-TIME (1-11 Credits/equated credits) $210 per credit $320 per credit
NON-DEGREE $265 per credit $420 per credit

Does Kingsborough have a gym?

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department at Kingsborough provides an excellent array of sports facilities and programs. Our sports facilities consist of two gymnasiums, a dance studio, two squash courts, an olympic size swimming pool, fitness rooms, four tennis courts, and an athletic field.

Is Kingsborough a party school?

There is really no major party scene here, but there have been some incredible friendships with other students and faculty alike. An pleasant experience was often a private beach or just relaxing at the water and eating outside.

Is Kingsborough a good school?

Brooklyn, NY – Kingsborough Community College (KCC) earned the top spot in’s 2022 Best Community Colleges in New York, ranking No. 1 of New York State’s 37 community colleges. Niche also ranked KCC No. 63 of 845 in their list of Best Community Colleges in America.