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Are Chartreux cats rare?

Are Chartreux cats rare?

Chartreux cats are a rare French breed known for their wooly blue-gray double coats and Cheshire cat-like smile. Imported to the United States in the 1970s, these robust felines are charming, intellectual and have loyal and playful characteristics similar to dogs.

Are Chartreux cats good pets?

These cats are very lovable and loyal. They make great family pets and can become attached to their human owners very quickly. Chartreux cats are gentle and often make a great addition to a family with children.

Is Chartreux same as Russian blue?

To summarize, Russian Blue cats have intense green eyes while Chartreux have deep orange eyes. A Chartreux cat is sturdier than a Russian Blue, which has more of an elegant figure. Finally, the Russian Blue has a silver shimmering to its blue coat contrary to the Chartreux which, therefore, appears darker.

Is Chartreux an indoor cat?

The Chartreux has a dense, slightly woolly coat, which requires gentle combing (not brushing) regularly; these cats tend to shed throughout the year because they are generally kept as indoor cats.

How can you tell if a cat is Chartreux?

The Chartreux is immediately recognizable by its thick blue-gray coat and bright orange-gold eyes. Described as a “potato on toothpicks,” the Chartreux is a stout and muscular cat with short legs. Males typically weigh between 10 and 14 pounds, with females being smaller at 6 to 9 pounds.

Do all Chartreux cats have orange eyes?

All Chartreux cats have a solid, blue-gray, double coat, which has a natural shine to it. The fur itself is short, thick, and water-repellant. Their orange-colored eyes are perhaps one of their most prominent characteristics.

Are Chartreux cats cuddly?

While not all cats are social, these ones do enjoy hanging around people and other animals a bit more than other breeds do. It’s hard not to fall in love with them. When they aren’t napping in the sun, they prefer to cuddle up with you and spend the day begging for your attention.

How long does a Chartreux cat live?

Expectations: Longevity Range: 8-13 yrs.

How can I tell if my cat is a Chartreux?

Are Chartreux cats talkative?

They aren’t known for being the most talkative of house cats, they usually are talkative when there is no other ways to make themselves understood.

Where can I find Chartreux cat breeders in the US?

Chartreux Cat Breeders in All States Breeder Name City State Phone Luxurious French Chartreux KS Lithodora Cattery Ottawa ON (613) 892-4459 Chanson Bleu Chartreux Springfield (near) NH (603) 763-5600

Why are Chartreux kittens so expensive?

Chartreux kittens are generally available by reservation only, as demand for these endearing cats outstrips availability. Pricing of Chartreux kittens may reflect the expense involved in working with a rare breed. Breeders in the United States strive to preserve genetic diversity, exchanging cats with other breeders worldwide.

What kind of coat does a Chartreux cat have?

Last but certainly not least, the Chartreux is known for its blue coat, which may be any shade of blue-gray from lightest ash to deepest slate. The coat is medium-short in length and slightly woolly in texture; when fully mature, the coat “breaks” at the neck, chest, and flanks.

What is Chartreux?

Chartreux were first imported to North America in 1970 through the efforts of John and Helen Gamon. The original imports came from the French countryside, representing the most respected French bloodlines available at the time.