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Are any 1984 Topps baseball cards worth anything?

Are any 1984 Topps baseball cards worth anything?

Easily one of the most iconic baseball cards of the 1980s, the Don Mattingly rookie card is the clear headliner of the 1984 Topps set. The same design of this card also appeared in the Nestle and O-Pee-Chee sets that year and all three cards are worth around $250-300 in top grade.

What is a 1984 Topps baseball set worth?

SportsCardsPro Index: 1984 Topps

Card Ungraded Grade 9
Don Mattingly #8 [RC] $8.41 $83.38
Darryl Strawberry #182 [RC] $3.99 $36.00
Nolan Ryan #470 $2.51 $36.68
Cal Ripken Jr. #490 $2.25 $25.05

What is a 1984 Cal Ripken baseball card worth?

Cal Ripken Jr. is featured in at least 32 baseball cards in our database including this 1984 Topps Base. We track this card in 2 grades including PSA 10 and PSA 9. The highest price we’re tracking for Cal Ripken Jr.’s 1984 Topps Base is $234.99 and the lowest price is $22.00.

How much is a 1984 Nolan Ryan baseball card worth?

Nolan Ryan #470 1984 Topps

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2022-02-16 1984 Nolan Ryan Topps Baseball Card #470 PSA Graded 8 NM-MT $24.95
2022-02-08 1984 Topps Nolan Ryan PSA 8 NM Mint Houston Astros HOF #470 #470 $9.99
2022-01-30 1984 Topps Nolan Ryan Houston Astros #470 Baseball Card PSA 8 #470 $15.02

Who were baseball rookies in 1984?

1984 National League Debuts

1984 National League Debuts 1984 N.L. Rookies | 1984 A.L. Rookies | Baseball Firsts (All Years)
# Name (sort) Debut (sort)
52, 31 John Franco 04-24-1984
33 Ron Robinson 08-14-1984
56 Wade Rowdon 09-08-1984

What is the most valuable 1980s baseball card?

1 – Rickey Henderson Rookie Card (1980 Topps – Card #482), $27,500.

How much is a 1982 Cal Ripken rookie card worth?

Ripken also appeared in the 1982 Fleer and Donruss sets. The Fleer (#176) is the only one of the four Ripken rookies to show him in action and in a defensive position. The value of a Fleer Ripken rookie card ranges from $50-60 for a9 to $700 and up for a 10.

What 80’s and 90’s baseball cards are worth money?

1993 SP FOIL Derek Jeter (Check Price) With only 21 Grade 10’s in circulation, this Derek Jeter rookie card is the most valuable baseball card of the 80’s and 90’s.

Will 1980s baseball cards ever be worth anything?

Sports card values from the late 1980s and early 1990s are pretty much worthless, with some notable exceptions.

Are Mark McGwire cards worth anything?

But in terms of modern cards it was way up there alongside the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card. McGwire was one of the most popular players playing for one of the most powerful teams in baseball. They aren’t worth as much as they used to be, but in top condition they can still go for hundreds of dollars.

What is on a 1984 Topps baseball card?

The subsets for the 1984 Topps baseball cards include highlights for the 1983 season, League Leaders (131-138), All-Stars (386-407), and Major League Career Leaders (701-718). The key rookie cards for this year include #8 Don Mattingly.

How many Hall of Famers are in the 1983 Topps rookie set?

While 1983 saw three Hall of Famers make their hobby debuts, this set has none. The 1984 Topps Baseball Don Mattingly rookie carries the set today. The set also has the company’s first pack-inserted cards of Darryl Strawberry and Julio Franco.

How many base hits did Brett Brett have in 1984?

Brett appeared in only 104 games during the 1984 season and his 107 base hits were the fewest of any season in which he was a started. But, as he had more than solidified himself as one of the game’s best by then, he was still elected to his 9th consecutive All-Star game.

How many batting titles did Tony Gwynn win in 1984?

The 1984 season would see Gwynn win his first of eight batting titles after putting up a .351 batting average. Gwynn made his rookie card debut in the 1983 Topps set, but this second-year card is still a favorite among hobbyists of that era.