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Are Acorn Stairlifts still in business?

Are Acorn Stairlifts still in business?

They manufacture over 50,000 stairlifts each year. In addition to selling to customers throughout the UK, Acorn sell their stairlifts internationally in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and South Africa. Acorn sell a range of straight and curved stairlifts to fit nearly all types of stairs.

How do I fix my Acorn stairlift?

To reset, turn the power switch off (located on the stairlift) for 30 seconds (see page 16). Batteries low (17 volts or less) re charge batteries. Try a reset. If this does not clear the display and the lift fails to operate, call your ACORN representative for further instructions.

What is the warranty on an Acorn stairlift?

Every new Acorn Stairlift comes with a comprehensive 12-month manufacturer’s warranty as standard, beginning from the date on which your stairlift is installed.

Do acorns buy back stairlifts?

Acorn do not buy back unwanted stairlift. We do have a well-developed scheme for customers, whose stairlift is no longer required. We aim to guide and assist you through the process of selling your lift privately.

Who owns Acorn stairlifts?

John Jakes
John Jakes, 60, founded Acorn Mobility Services nearly 25 years ago, initially to repair broken or secondhand models. He began making his own products only after spare parts became difficult to find. His Bradford-based venture is thriving thanks to the “grey pound” and longer life expectancy.

Why is my chair lift not working?

If your stair lift isn’t getting power, you can: Check if the power supply of the stair lift is plugged into a working outlet. If it’s a switched outlet, make sure the switch is in the on position. If the outlet has a ground-fault circuit interrupter, check if the GFCI needs to be reset.

Why is my stair lift not working?

Why isn’t my stairlift remote control working? The most common cause of a remote control not working is due to dead batteries. Once the batteries have been removed and replaced, your remote control should start working again.

Where are Acorn Stairlifts made?

Home & Living / Mobility The company was started by the founder selling second hand stairlifts and has developed into a manufacturer building more than 50,000 of its own stairlifts a year – all from its UK factories in West Yorkshire and in Scotland.

How do I get rid of an old stairlift?

Stairlifts should only be removed by a trained professional because attempting to remove one yourself might result in damage to the fixtures and fittings. Your supplier will be able to arrange for a technician to visit your home to dismantle a stairlift that is no longer required and take the equipment away.

What can I do with my old stairlift?

Due to the many complicated parts that make up a stairlift (the batteries, cables, tracks, seat, plastic parts, and metal parts), they should always only be disposed of by professionals at a legal recycling plant.

How long do stairlift batteries last?

around 2 to 5 years
Stairlift batteries generally last around 2 to 5 years; of course, this depends on the usage. For example, if the stairlift is often left off its charge point, it reduces battery life.

Do Acorn Stairlifts really work?

Yes. Acorn stairlifts operate with a paddle control on the arm of the seat or via handheld remote control. The paddle is pressed and held in the direction of travel for the lift to operate. I have a narrow staircase, should I consider an Acorn stairlift? Acorn has stairlift options for narrow staircases: A slimline model uses less space

How much does an acorn stair lift cost?

Acorn stair lifts typically cost between $3,000 and $5,000 installed. How much does a stairlift cost? If your home has a straight staircase with about 12-14 steps, you should budget anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to purchase a new stair lift .

Can I install a stairlift myself?

can you install a stairlift yourself? The British Health Care Association (BHTA) strongly recommend that you don’t attempt to install a stairlift yourself. We would always advise that you buy a new or reconditioned stairlift from a reputable supplier.

Can you rent an acorn stairlift?

You can indeed rent an Acorn Stairlift, we offer rental on the Acorn 130 and the Acorn 180. Its an excellent option for customers who don’t want the worry and expense of the servicing and maintanance costs. Go back to FAQS Acorn Information