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Who is DC of Madikeri?

Who is DC of Madikeri?

Dr. Sateesha B.C
District Administration

Name Designation Address
Dr. Sateesha B.C, IAS Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate DC Office Complex, Madikeri – 571201
M.A. AIYAPPA, IPS Superintendent of Police S P office ,Madikeri – 571201
Bhanwar Singh Meena IAS Chief Executive Officer,ZP,Kodagu Kodagu Zilla Panchayath, Fort, Madikeri – 571201

Who is the current DC of Kodagu?

Annies Kanmani Joy is an Indian administrator and former nurse who is serving as the deputy commissioner of the Kodagu district in Karnataka.

Who is the DC of Kodagu in 2022?

Dr B C Sateesha took over as the deputy commissioner of Kodagu on Monday.

What is DC in Karnataka?

The Deputy Commissioner is the officer in charge of a district. The Assistant Commissioner is placed in charge of a sub-division. The head of the taluk is designated ‘Tahsildar’.

Who is the Mysore DC?

Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate

Name Designation
Dr. Bagadi Gautham,I.A.S Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate

Who is the DC of Hassan district?

Contact details of Deputy Commissioners

Sl.No District DC Name
12 DAVANGERE Mahanthesh Bilagi
13 DHARWAD Nitish Patil
14 GADAG Sundareshbabu M

Who is the SP of Kodagu 2021?

M.A. AIYAPPA, IPS | Kodagu District, Government of Karnataka | India.

Is Coorg a district?

ABOUT KODAGU It occupies an area of 4,102 square kilometres (1,584 sq mi) in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka.As of 2001, the population was 548,561, 13.74% of which resided in the district’s urban centres, making it the least populous of the 30 districts in Karnataka.

Who is best DC in Karnataka?

Rohini Sindhuri Dasari (born 30 May 1984) is an Indian bureaucrat. She is an Indian administrative officer of Karnataka cadre from the 2009 batch. Sindhuri secured the 43rd rank in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

What is DC office?

Deputy Commissioner (popularly abbreviated as “DC” and DCO) or District Magistrate is a chief administrative, land revenue officer/collector and representative of government in district or an administrative sub-unit of a Division in Pakistan He belongs to the commission of Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) …

How many DC are there in Karnataka?

4 Divisions and 31 Districts of Indian state of Karnataka.

Who is the BEO of virajpet?

Answer. Answer: the BEO of virajpet is kodagu.