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What is the theme of Ruby Holler?

What is the theme of Ruby Holler?

The theme of this book is that love of a family and having a home are the most important things to Dallas and Florida. This theme fits in to our unit theme because Flordia and Dallas fit in perfectly with the new family and they learn a new way of life.

What is the climax of Ruby Holler?

The climax of Ruby Holler is when Florida and Tiller are rowing down the river, when suddenly, the boat smashes into a rock and tips over, leaving them helpless to the current. Meanwhile, Dallas and Sairy are hiking.

What is the setting of Ruby Holler?

Dallas and Florida dream about catching a freight train to a friendly, beautiful place that surely must exist somewhere. Twenty miles away, in a lush hidden valley called Ruby Holler, sixty-year-old Sairy and Tiller live in a small cabin with no modern conveniences.

Why did Sharon Creech write Ruby Holler?

Creech got her inspiration for Ruby Holler by hearing a family story about her father having grown up in a “holler.” The idea of a beautiful, mysterious hollow intrigued her. As a child, she had often visited her cousins in their home in the mountains of Kentucky.

What genre is Ruby Holler?

Children’s literature
NovelFictionMagical Realism
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What grade level is Ruby Holler?

Published on March 26, 2002
Age Group: 8 – 12 years
Reading Level: AR : 4.3 (6.0 Points, Quiz #58208) Lexile® measure: 660L

Is there a sequel to Ruby Holler?

Sharon Creech 4-Book Collection: Walk Two Moons, Ruby Holler, The Great Unexpected, The Boy on the Porch Kindle Edition.

What happened at the end of Ruby Holler?

In the end, two of Tiller and Sairy’s biological children visit the Holler to check on Tiller’s health and suggest that the twins go back to the Boxton Creek Home. Dallas and Florida hear their conversation and run away again before hearing Tiller and Sairy’s denial.