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What is sixth form in French?

What is sixth form in French?

The lycée (pronounced [lise]) is the second and last stage of secondary education in the French educational system. The City of Paris refers to a lycée in English as a “sixth form college”. A pupil attending a lycée is a lycéen (masculine) or a lycéenne (feminine).

What is un Bachelier?

Word forms: bachelier, bachelière. masculine noun/feminine noun. holder of the baccalauréat.

What is un lycée?

Translation of “lycée” in English. Noun. high school. lycee. college.

How do you write college in French?

French translation of ‘college’

  1. 1. (= university) université f. to go to college aller à l’université
  2. 2. [ of technology, agriculture] institut m.
  3. 3. (= part of university) collège m.

How do you say Year 9 in French?

The final year is called la terminale and the first year is known as la sixième….Daily routine.

French English
quatrième year 9
troisième year 10
seconde year 11
première year 12

Is Lycee masculine or feminine?

Like musée, the noun lycée—even a lycée filled with girls and only girls—is masculine, which we can tell here because it’s preceded by the masculine article un. Un (“a,” masc.) or le (“the,” masc.)

What do you call middle school in France?

Education in France Middle school (collège) – ages 11 to 15. High school (lycée) – ages 15 to 18.

What do people in France call college?

There are three types of higher education institutions in France: universities, Grandes écoles, and specialized schools. Universities are public institutions that offer academic, technical, and professional degrees to any student who has obtained a baccalauréat or its foreign equivalent.

What grade are 15 year olds in France?

Le Collège (Junior High School)

Age Grade US
11 -> 12 Sixième 6th Grade
12 -> 13 Cinquième 7th Grade
13 -> 14 Quatrième 8th Grade
14 -> 15 Troisième 9th Grade

What is 12th grade called in France?

Secondary School

American French
Middle School Collège Ninth Grade Troisième (3ème)
Upper/High School Lycée Tenth Grade Seconde (2nde)
Eleventh Grade Première (1ère)
Twelfth Grade Terminale (Tle)