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What is a leaf spring tie bolt?

What is a leaf spring tie bolt?

This bolt holds the leaves together on a leaf spring and locates the axle to the spring .

What bolts to use on leaf springs?

Spring Eye Bolts, Grade 8, Should Be The ONLY Spring Eye Bolt/Shackle Bolt used due to the increased strength and torqueing ability needed when installing your Leaf Spring Suspension.

Can you over tighten leaf spring bolts?

Tightening the shackle bolts too much will squeeze the shackle straps against the leaf springs and the whole suspension system will bind and cause problems. The best thing to do when tightening down shackle bolts is to use lock nuts and tighten them until they are snug and then backed off 1/4 turn.

How do you hold leaf springs together?

For this purpose, U-bolts bind leaf springs together. On each side of the center bolt, U-bolts clamp the leaves into a tight spring. The center bolt relies on the U-bolts and vice versa to maintain solid leaf springs on both sides of the rear axle of a truck.

How much do I torque leaf springs?

If you want to use a bolt as well as welding your leaf spring hangers, then you can follow the same torque specs as the leaf spring u-bolts. A 1/2 inch diameter bolts should be torqued between 45 ft/lbs and 70 ft/lbs.

Are leaf spring rebound clips necessary?

When the weight of a vehicle or trailer is on the spring, all of the leaves work together to support the spring above them. If the wheel drops for any reason the total weight of the axle falls on the main leaf if there are no rebound clips. The clip also keeps the leaves neatly stacked.

Do leaf spring clamps lower my truck?

It will most definitely will stiffen the ride… Also.. it does nothing for dropping your truck… it does lower it a little bit. without them clamped your leaf spring is bowed and when you clamp them together they become almost flat…

What do leaf spring clips do?

Many think that the purpose of the clips are to keep the leaves from fanning out. While they do stop the the fanning, their main function is to hold the leaves together during rebound. In fact the correct name of them is “rebound clips” A spring does not break when it is being compressed, it breaks on rebound.

Do you need to torque leaf springs?