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What is a DOT 412 tank?

What is a DOT 412 tank?

Corrosive Cargo Tank. DOT 412 – Pressure -5 to 25 psi Exterior strengthening (stiffer) rings often visible. Lined tank – usually lined with rubber or plastic. Round cross-section. Stainless steel is primary material of construction.

What class of materials are commonly shipped in a DOT 412 trailer?

MC 312/DOT 412 tankers are used exclusively to transport corrosive liquids. Corrosives are usually heavy materials, so the tank has a small diameter with reinforcing rings around the outside.

What is a specification cargo tank?

Variable specification cargo tank means a cargo tank that is constructed in accordance with one specification, but that may be altered to meet another specification by changing relief device, closures, lading discharge devices, and other lading retention devices.

What is the working pressure of a dot 407 tanker?

49 CFR § 180.407 – Requirements for test and inspection of specification cargo tanks.

Specification Test pressure
DOT 407 The test pressure on the name plate or specification plate, 275.8 kPa (40 psig) or 1.5 times the MAWP, whichever is greater.

What does a MC312 carry?

MC 312 and DOT 412 are similar units used for long-haul transport of corrosive bulk liquids in 4,000 and 6,000-gallon loads. The MC312 and DOT412 tank trailers are manufactured with stainless or carbon steel tanks and may or may not be lined.

What is mc331?

Specification MC 331; cargo tank motor vehicle primarily for transportation of compressed gases as defined in subpart G of part 173 of this subchapter. § 178.337-1.

What are cargo tanks required to display?

(ii) When the cargo tank is permanently installed within an enclosed cargo body of the transport vehicle or freight container, the identification number marking required by § 172.302(a) need only be displayed on each side and end of a cargo tank that is visible when the cargo tank is accessed.

What does a cargo tank data plate contain?

The specification plate must contain the following information (parenthetical abbreviations may be used): (1) Cargo tank motor vehicle manufacturer (CTMV mfr.). (2) Cargo tank motor vehicle certification date (CTMV cert. date), if different from the cargo tank certification date.

What are cargo tanks CDL?

Quote From The CDL Manual: Cargo tanks are bulk packagings permanently attached to a vehicle. Cargo tanks remain on the vehicle when you load and unload them. Portable tanks are bulk containers not permanently attached to a vehicle. The product is loaded or unloaded while the portable tanks are off the vehicle.

What is a MC 307 dot 407?

MC 307 Trailers and DOT 407 Trailers for Lease. The DOT 407 tank trailer unit is a durable stainless-steel tank trailer designed to move general chemicals and related products efficiently, economically, and safely.

What does DOT 406 mean?

A DOT 406 tank IS AUTHORIZED for the transport of Gasoline and AvGas (UN1203) on public roadways per FEDERAL transportation requirements. The US transportation legislation which governs the transport of hazardous materials such as fuel is the Hazardous Materials Table found in Title 49 CFR §172.101.

How many shells does a Girsan MC312 hold?

EAA Girsan MC312, Semi-automatic, 12 Gauge, 28″ Barrel, 5+1 Rounds.