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What does shaking mean in slang?

What does shaking mean in slang?

What does shook mean? Shook is the past tense form of shake, used as a slang term to describe feelings ranging from discombobulation and fear to rage and elation, kind of like “all shaken up.”

What is a Jake in slang?

(dʒeik) adjective. slang. satisfactory; OK; fine. Everything’s jake with me.

What does being hard boiled mean?

adjective. You use hard-boiled to describe someone who is tough and does not show much emotion. She’s hard-boiled, tough, and funny. More Synonyms of hard-boiled.

What does shank mean in slang?

The word “shank” is used in a prison sense. It is a verb meaning to stab someone with a home-made implement. You could use it as a noun as well, which is when it would refer to a shank – a home-made weapon. Examples could include; He made a shank whilst in prison.

Is Shooked a word?

Shooked definition Simple past tense and past participle of shook.

What does dodgy mean in slang?

a : not sound, good, or reliable. b : questionable, suspicious. 3 chiefly British : requiring skill or care in handling or coping with.

What does simp mean in slang?

“‘Simp’ is slang for a person (typically a man) who is desperate for the attention and affection of someone else (typically a woman),” said Connor Howlett, 23, a digital strategist for Turner PR in New York City, in an email to CNN.

What’s a soft boil?

/ ˈsɔftˈbɔɪl, ˈsɒft- / PHONETIC RESPELLING. 📙 Middle School Level. verb (used with object) to boil (an egg) just long enough for the yolk and white to partially solidify, usually three or four minutes.

What is the meaning of hard bitten?

Definition of hard-bitten 1 : inclined to bite hard. 2 : seasoned or steeled by difficult experience : tough.

What is the meaning of shakedown?

6. noun By extension, an instance of asking, pressuring, or forcing someone to pay a sum of money, often an exorbitant or unfair amount. As a noun, the phrase is usually written as one word. It’s time for the annual shakedown by the IRS again.

Where did the term Shakedown Street come from?

The term itself most likely originated from the Grateful Dead song, “Shakedown Street”. It can also be attributed to the first deffinition of this word, as seen on the Urban Dictionary, as it was also a popular place for UC’s, cops, and dready fedy’s.

What is a pack shakedown?

A pack shakedown is when an experienced thru-hiker examines your pack item-by-item to help you shed weight. That creates a good shakedown test for your truck and your navigation skills—not to mention your expectations about traveling the peninsula. Bryan Singer himself claimed he was the victim of a “sick, twisted shakedown .”

Is it legal to shakedown someone?

While such practice is actually legal, it’s still a shakedown, because if you don’t agree to their initial unreasonable demands, you’re going to be even worse off as a consequence–just like debating whether you want to drown in your own piss, or someone else’s. by Siegfried ZagaMay 28, 2005 Flag