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What does Erwin Technical College offer?

What does Erwin Technical College offer?

We offer Adult GED classes that are designed to work with your learning. Day and evening classes are now available. Erwin has part-time classes in welding, braiding and much more. These part-time classes are designed to be taken in the evenings and typically require about 2 months to complete.

Is Erwin Tech a good school?

Erwin is a great technical college that gives you hands on experience. The HVAC/R teacher Mr. RAUL is wonderful at his job. The class is day and night which is very flexible.

Is Erwin Tech accredited?

Erwin Technical College is accredited by Council on Occupational Education (COE) – 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350. Erwin Technical College is also accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) through District accreditation.

How old is Erwin Smith?

When is Eren Yeager’s birthday?

Character Age Height
Erwin Smith 35-39¹ 6’2″ / 188cm
Reiner Braun 17 6’1″ / 185cm
Bertolt Hoover 17 6’4″ / 192cm
Zeke Yeager 25 6’0″ / 183cm

When did Erwin become commander?

Interestingly, it was later revealed that Erwin Smith was the commander of the Survey Corps for 5 years, from year 845 – 850. It goes without saying that he did a magnificent job at that time and that’s exactly why he is loved among the fans even after he passed away.

How old is Zeke Yeager?

When is Eren Yeager’s birthday?

Character Age Birthday
Zeke Yeager 25 August 1st
Hange Zoë 29-31² September 5th
Historia Reiss 15 January 15th
Annie Leonhart 16 March 22nd

How old is Colt Grice?

Attack on Titan Character Age Chart

Character Birthday Age S4
Porco Galliard November 11th 19
Pieck Finger August 5th 21
Colt Grice August 12th 17-19
Falco Grice February 10th 12

How old is Zeke Jaeger?


Name: Zeke Yeager ジーク・イェーガー Jīku Yēgā
Gender: Male
Age: 25 (850) 29 (854)
Height: 183 cm (Human form) 17 m (Titan form)
Weight: 92 kg

What were Erwin’s last words?

Just as Levi was about to inject Erwin’s arm with the serum, Erwin quickly pushed his hand aside and blurted out the question, ” Sir, how do you know for sure there’s nobody on the other side of the walls? That’s when he breathed his last.

How old is Pieck?

6 Pieck Finger, The Cart Titan Shifter, Is Approximately 21 Based on the fact that Pieck Finger is around the same age as Reiner Braun when he’s sent on the mission to infiltrate Paradis Island, it’s likely that she’s also around 21 years old.

Did Falco eat colt?

Colt, overcome by grief, hugs Falco and promises to always be with him as his brother starts to transform into a Titan. His close proximity to Falco’s transformation causes Colt to be dismembered by the blast and ultimately burned to death.

What were Armin’s last words?

But when he attacks the collosus titan we still get some “Last words” of him. We all know seeing the ocean is a big deal for Armin and in chapter 82 he drops this line before letting go and letting Eren kill the collosus titan “Armin : Don’t Let Go Yet. Entrust It All To Eren.