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What company makes buses in Canada?

What company makes buses in Canada?

NFI Group is a Canadian multinational bus manufacturer, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The company employs 8,000 people across 50 facilities in nine countries….NFI Group.

Type Public
Industry Bus manufacturing
Predecessor New Flyer Industries
Founded June 16, 2005
Headquarters Winnipeg, Manitoba , Canada

How many bus companies are there in Canada?

There are over 1000 companies providing bus service, but most routes are operated by such major carriers as Acadian Lines, Canada Coach, Gray Coach, Grey Goose, Greyhound Lines of Canada, SMT Eastern, Saskatchewan Transportation, Terra Transport (Canadian National) and Voyageur.

What bus companies are in Ontario?


  • 1 417 Bus Line. 1.1 Public transit operations.
  • 2 Aboutown. 2.1 NorthLink. 2.2 Public transit operations.
  • 3 Attridge Transportation.
  • 4 AVM Max 2000.
  • 5 Ayr.
  • 6 Badder. 6.1 Services.
  • 7 Bergeron Bus Lines. 7.1 Public transit operations.
  • 8 Can-Am Express.

Where are buses made in Canada?

(stylized as NOVABUS) is a Canadian bus manufacturer headquartered in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada….Nova Bus.

Connecticut Transit Nova Bus LFS Articulated bus in Waterbury, Connecticut.
Headquarters Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada
Area served Canada and United States

Who makes Nova buses?

the Volvo Group
Nova Bus, a member of the Volvo Group and a leading North American transit bus manufacturer, is pleased to announce its first contract with the City of Huntsville, Alabama, for the purchase of up to 12 clean diesel buses.

Who manufactures electric buses in Canada?

Zero-emission bus manufacturer, Letenda, has unveiled its flagship Electrip electric bus designed specifically to navigate the harsh winter conditions in Canada. The all-electric city bus is the flagship vehicle for Letenda following six years of research and development, alongside help from partners like Cummins.

Who owns Canada bus?

Calgary, Alberta Based Bus company owned by “ Global Destinations Consultings Inc O/A Trips Booker Canada Providing Travel services since 2011. one of the fastest growing portals to provide excellent bus deals on online bus booking for passengers looking to tour & travel in Canada.

How many bus companies are in Toronto?

Toronto Transit Commission bus system

An Orion VII Next Generation hybrid electric bus in Downtown Toronto
Routes 192 total 122 regular service 10 limited service 27 express network 5 community 28 Blue Night (night service)
Fleet 2137 12- and 18-metre buses 279 minibuses (paratransit)

Who owns Nova buses?

AB Volvo
PrevostVolvo BusesPrevost Car Inc.
Nova Bus/Parent organizations

What company makes Nova Bus?

Who makes electric buses in Canada?

BYD Canada announced Tuesday that ten zero-emission, 40-foot K9M battery-electric buses will be put into service by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), in Toronto, Ontario. TTC is Canada’s largest and North America’s third largest transit operator.

Where are proterra buses made?

Proterra is a national company with its headquarters in Silicon Valley and manufacturing in San Gabriel Valley within metro Los Angeles and in South Carolina’s Upstate Region—utilizing strengths and competitive advantages of all locations.