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Is Lucrativeness a word?

Is Lucrativeness a word?

Meaning of lucrativeness in English the quality of producing a lot of money: The global lucrativeness of the illegal ivory trade is well documented.

What is synonym of lucrative?

[chiefly British], moneymaking, paying, profitable, remunerative.

What does vaunted mean?

highly or widely praised or
Definition of vaunted : highly or widely praised or boasted about his own much vaunted ferocity— Calvin Tomkins.

What does the word bankable mean?

Definition of bankable 1 : acceptable to or at a bank bankable currency. 2 : sure to bring in a profit Hollywood’s most bankable star— Sidney Sheldon.

Is Unprofit a word?

Want of profit; unprofitableness. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G.

Can a person be lucrative?

Examples of lucrative jobs include doctors, lawyers, financial traders, dentists, IT managers, engineers, computer programmers, and financial managers. Lucrative jobs are considered to be so due to the high salaries they pay.

Is Lucrative a negative word?

This adjective is from the Latin word lucrum, meaning “profit.” In Latin, lucrum also meant “greed,” a negative sense preserved in the English phrase filthy lucre, or “shameful profit or gain.” But the word lucrative doesn’t carry a similar sense of shame — if your lawn-mowing job proves lucrative over the summer, you …

What is the meaning of precocity?

: exceptionally early or premature development (as of mental powers or sexual characteristics)

What does Naunt mean?

1. a sister of one’s father or mother. 2. the wife of one’s uncle.

What is a synonym for unsteadily?

erratic, groggy, precarious, rickety, rocky, unstable, wobbly, capricious, changeable, dizzy, fickle, fluctuating, giddy, inconstant, quivery, shifting, teetering, tippy, unreliable, unsettled.

What is non bankable?

In summary, we characterize non-bankable assets as those assets which are: Not part of a wealth management portfolio. Often rejected as collateral for a loan. Illiquid with often high minimum investments. Difficult to valuate and trade.