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How much HP does a 3208 cat have?

How much HP does a 3208 cat have?

3208 Engine Specs

Engine variations Production Years Horsepower
CAT 3208 diesel engine Trucks: 1975 to 1993 Marine: 1975 to 1999 Minimum: 200 hp @ 2000 RPM Maximum: 235 hp @ 2600 RPM

Is a Caterpillar 3208 a good engine?

3208 is still inside the genset under shed. 3208 was always reliable there and it sipped fuel. I forget the rpms it ran at but it was turning pretty good. It put a load on it every time we started another electric motor, a 120kw, but it belched a little smoke lowered its tone and ran with it.

What engine replaced the CAT 3208?

The C7. 1 is an ideal replacement for a Cat 3208 engine. If you repower the 3208 at 435 bhp @ 2800 RPM with the C7. 1 500 bhp @ 2900 RPM, you can achieve 15% more power with 18% lower weight.

What is the displacement of a CAT 3208?

CAT 3208 Long Block Parts List:

CAT 3126 Spec Engine Data
Emissions IMO Compliant
Bore 114.3 mm (4.5 in)
Stroke 127 mm (5.0 in)
Displacement 10.4 L (636 cu in)

How heavy is a 3208 Cat engine?

Cat lists the 3208 TA at 375 HP as weighing 1,880 Lbs.

How big is a CAT 3208?

The 3208 is an eight-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine with a V-8 configuration. It has a 114.3-millimeter bore and a 127-millimeter stroke. Different variations of the engine weigh between 722 and 899 kilograms. The engine displaces 10.4 liters.

How much does it cost to rebuild a CAT 3208?

The 3208s are good motors. I would say a rebuild would cost somewhere between $15-$17k.

How much oil does a 3208 Cat engine hold?

Going by memory, 3208 (non-turbo) engines were 14-16 quarts, with new filters installed.

How much does a 3208 CAT weigh?

How much oil does a CAT 3208 hold?

What oil does a 3208 Cat take?

The turbo 3208 requires CE grade oil. The most common CE oil is 15/40 weight. When the engine leaves the factory it has 10W/30 which is not a break-in oil and will perform to the regularly scheduled oil change.

How heavy is a 3208 Cat?