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How did Kyrie develop his handles?

How did Kyrie develop his handles?

After watching a documentary about Baron Davis, Kyrie Irving learned that tying a plastic bag around his basketball could take his ball-handling skills to the next level. This easy household trick helped Baron Davis master his handles when he was young and couldn’t afford to get personalized training.

How did Kyrie train?

This past summer, Irving trained mostly individually, playing in more pickup games and challenging himself with fine-tuning his own moves. Lancaster said he was glad to see Irving ride solo training-wise, which he wanted to happen so it would emphasize a positive progression in his development.

Who has the best handles of all time?

Top 10 best ball handlers in NBA history

  1. Kyrie Irving. Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets.
  2. Allen Iverson. Teams: Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies,
  3. Chris Paul.
  4. Steph Curry.
  5. Pete Maravich.
  6. Steve Nash.
  7. Jamal Crawford.
  8. Tim Hardaway.

Is Kyrie Irving the best dribbler?

But when it comes to the best dribbler in the NBA, the name Kyrie Irving seems to come up the most. The rest of the NBA seems to agree. “Hands down, Kyrie has the best ball-handling skills that we have in our league,” Atlanta Hawks All-Star forward Paul Millsap said.

How can I improve my footwork and agility?

5 Footwork Drills to Improve Your Agility

  1. Single-Leg Forward Hops Between Ladder Spaces, Forward/Reverse Sprints. Place a cone around 35 meters away from the end of the ladder.
  2. Lateral Jumps In/Out of Ladder Spaces.
  3. Med Ball Simulated Tire Drill (Through Ladder Spaces)
  4. Forward Jumps/Diagonal Sprints.

What type of training you should focus to develop effective footwork?

Agility ladder drills are great for improving footwork, speed, and more importantly, helping you to become aware of your feet. Athletes around the world use these training drills to prepare for competition during their training program.