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Can I use wound spray on my piercing?

Can I use wound spray on my piercing?

DO NOT USE Antiseptic preparations such as Savlon cream or spray, TCP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Dettol, Surgical Spirit etc – DO NOT USE THESE to clean your piercing! These are very harsh and will cause irritation and delay healing.

What spray should I use for piercings?

H2Ocean Piercing Spray heals faster and safely cleans all of your body piercings and wounds for all skin types. Enhanced with enzyme Lysozyme helps to safely remove impurities and secretions when used every 3-4 hours on your piercings and body modifications.

What does sea salt spray do for piercings?

H2Ocean Sea Salt Body Piercing Spray helps to safely remove dried discharge and lymph secretions when used every 3-4 hours on your piercings and body modifications. Sea salt saline solutions are recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Is Bactine spray good for piercings?

You must understand that Bactine is a disinfectant and a piercing is a puncture wound on the body. That is why Bactine for piercings is not suitable and it can harm all your healing skin cells and dry out the fistula.

Is saline spray good for piercings?

Piercing Aftercare: Thoroughly wash hands! Spray your piercings entrance and exit holes with sterile saline spray 2 to 3 times a day. You can wipe away any crusty discharge from the jewelry with sterile non-woven gauze soaked in saline but do not pick at it.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good for piercings?

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties that make it a triple threat in piercing aftercare. Not only can it be used to care for certain piercings during their initial healing process, but it can also be used long-term to minimize irritation and prevent infection.

What ointment is good for piercings?

Gently pat dry the affected area with clean gauze or a tissue. Then apply a small amount of an over-the-counter antibiotic cream (Neosporin, bacitracin, others), as directed on the product label. Turn the piercing jewelry a few times to prevent it from sticking to the skin.

Can I use Bactine on my lip piercing?

Cheek and Lip The outer opening of the piercing is best treated using liquid antibacterial soap or Bactine. If the liquid soap is too harsh it may be diluted 50/50 with water (avoid perfumed products). Apply liberally with a cotton swab or Q-tip.

When can I stop using saline piercing?

We recommend using this solution at least three times daily during the initial healing period (6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks for a cartilage piercing). After the healing period has ended, we recommend that you continue using your ear care solution as needed to keep your new piercing and earrings clean.

What can I use to clean my piercing if I don’t have sea salt?

  1. MILD LIQUID SOAP While sea salt soaks and/or saline rinses are the preferred aftercare for piercings, soap effectively removes the residue of dirt, skin oils, cosmetics, cigarette smoke, and natural discharge that can sometimes remain after a salt water soak or saline rinse.
  2. These are both too harsh for long-term use.

Can I use Neosporin on my piercing?

DO NOTapply any ointment such as Bacitracin, Neosporin or any other “triple antibiotic” ointment on your piercing. These prevent oxygen from reaching the wound and form a sticky residue, which can cause complications. They are NOT designed for use on healing piercings.

How many times a day should I put tea tree oil on my piercing?

2-3 times a day
LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY – Tea tree oil is best when a few drops are added to a saline solution or wash. It can be applied to the infected area 2-3 times a day.

Can you use saline spray to clean a lip piercing?

Using saline spray is a great and gentle way to keep your lip piercing clean (avoid using harsh products like rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and soaps). “Your body will create exudate (not pus) and fluids during the healing process,” he said.

What are lip piercings?

This one is mostly self-explanatory: A lip piercing is a type of body piercing that penetrates your lips and/or the immediate surrounding area, like your philtrum (that tiny groove that runs from your Cupid’s bow to the base of your nose).

How do I take care of my Lip piercing?

To allow a lip piercing to heal properly, you will need to take care of it, keep it clean and dry, leave it alone, and avoid certain foods and activities. [1] Body Piercing Specialist Expert Interview. 29 October 2019.

What kind of jewelry do you wear for a lip piercing?

A lip will almost always be pierced with a captive bead ring (or a flat back labret) because other rings have a seam that can get caught in the healing tissue. When you go to have the jewelry downsized you can switch the jewelry to a different type of ring or flatback. The Labret has similar jewelry options to the lip piercing.